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The Square, Parwich - Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

The Square - Risk Assessment

We very much want everyone to have a happy, peaceful and safe stay here at The Square, and will do our best to see that you do.

However, unforeseen accidents can happen at any time, to the most careful of people, in the most careful of homes… and of course there is an added risk for anyone in unfamiliar surroundings.

So, for your safety and peace of mind (and ours!) we have tried to foresee what could possibly arise, identifying all possible sources of ‘danger’ and advising how these can be avoided and any risks minimised.

A. Firstly, we identify people for whom The Square would not be safe or suitable at all.
B. Then we outline all possible hazards and dangers with information about how they can be avoided.

This information can be found under the following headings:
1.    FIRE
3.    SAFETY, inside and out

A. Those for whom our holiday home would be unsuitable:

With the best will in the world we cannot remove the relevant danger or inherent hazards, which make the house unsuitable for: Children and any adult who
•    Is ‘unsteady on their legs’
•    Has mobility problems or suffers from vertigo
•    Has significant sight impairment needing a guide dog
Please enquire if you are unsure about any possible problem you might anticipate.

B. Risk Assessment of Possible Hazards

1.    FIRE

This is the most obvious risk that comes to mind.

AVOIDING the DANGER of fire: There are smoke alarms on each level. We check these regularly, but for your own peace of mind we suggest that you confirm for yourself that they are working.

We provide a Fire Blanket in the kitchen on the back of the door into the lounge and a Fire Extinguisher in the front porch.

We have the chimney swept regularly, by Mr. John Eardley.

Emergency lighting There is a torch in the kitchen on the back of the door into the lounge.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP AVOID THE RISK OF CAUSING A FIRE We do ask you to be extremely aware of the potential dangers, of fire and consequent injury.

When cooking
•    Never ever leave anything unattended on the hob, particularly hot oil.

When using the log burner
•    We provide separate instructions on how to light and use the log burner to incoming guests, please familiarise yourselves with these.
•    Do not let the temperature get beyond 400’F. There is a magnetic thermometer on top of the stove
•    The log burner is meant to be used with the door shut. Please check it is firmly closed, and ‘dampened down’ before going upstairs to bed at night.
•    Do not leave matches or firelighters or spare logs on top of, or close to, the stove.
•    Do not move the log basket closer to the stove.

 When using electrical equipment
•    Please don’t leave anything hot unattended, like the toaster or food cooking on the hob.
•    Ensure all electrical appliances and lights are switched off before going out or to bed.

When using candles.
Candles are not permitted anywhere inside the house. Candles and tea lights used in the courtyard or garden should never be left unattended and extinguished as you leave them.

ESCAPE from upstairs in the event of fire
•    If you need to escape from an upstairs window, use the sheets, bedding, blankets etc. to help you to escape.
•    If a room is filled with smoke, remember to crawl close to the floor where the air is purer.


Obviously, hygiene and the general condition of your surroundings are vital for your health and personal safety.

First Aid kit: There us a small First Aid kit provided:
•    In the bathroom cabinet.

 Allergies and other concerns: The house is in the country, surrounded by trees and greenery (pollen) and with working farms in the area nearby (animals and, occasionally, flies and smells).
•    The Square accepts dogs and other pets. Although always very thoroughly cleaned it is not advised for anyone with a dog or cat-based allergy.
•    We keep a bee hive in the garden. Bees are placid creatures and will not seek you out. However, those who are allergic to bee stings should take appropriate precautions.

•    We always give the house a totally thorough clean at each change over, however immaculately left by the outgoing guests. We pay particular attention to the kitchens, fridge/freezer, cooker and bathrooms.
•    We do not provide a cleaning service and would never go into the house during a guest’s stay unless invited.
•    We do provide all necessary cleaning equipment and materials for you if you need them to keep up your own personal standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Carbon Monoxide

•    We have placed a Carbon Monoxide monitor in the Lounge connected to the smoke alarms and a free standing one in the kitchen. These will set off an alarm if there is carbon monoxide present. We check regularly, but please do too.

Central Heating

•    There is an LPGas powered central heating system provided by the Rayburn This is serviced annually and the inspection report is kept in the house file. The LPG canisters are stored in the locked cabinet in the courtyard. Guests will not need to access this cabinet. There is a programmable time switch; so individual guests can choose the timing appropriate for their needs. We want you to be as warm and as comfortable as you want to be, but please also be aware of the environmental implications and try not to be wasteful of the heat.

Radiators: These all have individual thermostatic controls.
Hot water:
•    Like the central heating this provided by the Rayburn. The timing can be controlled from the heating and water programmable time switch.

If you are wanting regular deep baths in we suggest you keep the hot water onto ON throughout the day to ensure there will be enough hot water for you, and then set to come on again at the required time in the morning.

Cleaning chemicals
•    As far as possible we use less harmful products and equipment, but we do provide for guests’ convenience loo cleaners, dishwasher tablets, washing machine detergent, kitchen and bathroom cleaning sprays. These are kept under the kitchen sink, and/or in the bathroom.
•    If any guest has friends or family visiting with children, please be aware that these products should be removed somewhere where they cannot possibly be reached by the children.

Disposal of Waste

•    We provide a large lined kitchen Brabantia rubbish bin in the kichen (with a supply of spare liners under the kitchen sink).
•    There is a lined ‘sanny bin’ in the bathroom (a supply of spare liners under the kitchen sink).
•    There are lined waste paper baskets in the sitting rooms and bedrooms.

Full bin bags should be placed in the galvanised dustbin in the courtyard by the log store.

Risk of Flooding

The Square is some distance from any flowing water, so there is little obvious danger from floodwaters as such. However, internally, one could leave a tap running with potentially serious consequences. Occasionally – usually with prior warning – Severn Trent may cut off the village water supply. If this happens it is very important to ensure that taps aren’t left on, to cause a flood when the water supply is resumed.
•    Please do not leave the bath, basin or kitchen sink running unattended.
•    It might be wise to ensure the plug is out of the basin, and kitchen sink, before going out or to bed.


The obvious hazards, other than fire, burns and scalds, are:

The stairs
•    The stairs are carpeted but could still be slippery in stockinged feet or slippers, so please take care and at all times use the handrail when using the stairs.

Safety in the bath/room
We have provided handrails to help access to the bath.

The bath is only accessible by stepping over the side!

There is a power shower over the bath. Please use the non-slip mat provided to prevent any danger of slipping while standing in the bath to take the shower.

We provide cotton bath mats to stand on when getting out of the bath with wet feet.   


•    The Square is situated in a very quiet and rural village. The house is situated on a bend in the road and although traffic through the village is minimal and generally slow, care should be taken crossing the road to the garden.
•    Under no circumstances should guests attempt to sit, stand or walk on the roof of the garage which is accessible from the garden.

Parking and access to The Square
•    Guests are able to park one car outside the Square, on the road.
•    Guests can also use the garage, on the right-hand side some 20m into School Lane opposite, to store bikes and walking gear etc, and to park outside.

Access to the garden

•    The house has a stone paved courtyard  immediately outside, with a table and chairs. Stone paving can become slippery when wet or icy. The main garden lies through the garden gate, across the road, opposite the front door, up a flight of stone steps that can be slippery when wet or icy.
•    In the garden the roof of the garage is accessible but should under no circumstances be sat or stood on.
•    There is a bee hive on the garage roof which should not be interfered with in any way. It has been specifically sited so that the flight lines of the bees are normally over the garage roof and will not interfere with anyone enjoying the garden.

We welcome any suggestions to help us improve what we provide, or how we present the information.   If you have any suggestions please phone us on 01335 346 104 or +44 (0) 7976 802096 or email us at          

Susan and Victor Bridgett

Last Updated - June 2017      


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